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Advantages of insulin pump therapy


Insulin pump therapy has unique and important advantages over conventional insulin therapy. Some of these advantages are:

Better glycemic control

By having insulin levels according to the requirements of each moment of the day, for example, the dawn phenomenon can be anticipated (spontaneous increase in glucose in the first hours of the day due to the effect of some endogenous hormones) by increasing the basal insulin doses in the first hours of the morning and achieve normoglycemia when waking up.

Postprandial glycemic imbalances (after a meal) can be avoided by adapting the bolus dose to the carbohydrate intake and the type of the bolus depending on the kind of the meal, for example by expanding a portion of the bolus in case of high fat content.

Fewer episodes of hypoglycemia

For reasons similar to those discussed so far, the use of the insulin pump significantly reduces the number and intensity of hypoglycemia. With the pump it is possible to program different basal infusions at different times of the day, such as early evening. Also when glycemic control is improved in general and oscillations between extreme values ​​are avoided, there is an earlier detection of hypoglycemic symptoms.

A flexible lifestyle

The insulin pump allows you to lead a more independent active life which does not require taking food at preset times, allows physical activity without the need to schedule it too far in advance, and does not force you to wake up at a specific time to take insulin.

In short, with an insulin pump, barriers that determine the day-to-day life of a person with diabetes are eliminated.