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Considerations for insulin pump therapy


Emphasis on training. We believe that along with a person's commitment to managing their diabetes, education and training are critical factors for the success of pump therapy.

VitalAire Arabia has specific and personalized training programs for healthcare professionals and pump users, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the therapy and the proper use of it.

To ensure the success of insulin pump therapy, the following considerations should be kept in mind:

  • Safety, comfort and performance

The decision to use a pump and the model to which you have access is very important, because after all, you will have a great experience with it! It is also important to assess the different infusion sets to choose the one that is most suitable, assessing technical reasons and personal preferences.

Different models of insulin pumps have been designed taking into account the advice of medical specialists and diabetes educators, as well as the comments and wishes of dozens of pump users. The result has always been to have extremely easy-to-use devices with the most rigorous standards in quality and safety, highlighting:

  • Simple handling with menus
  • Infusion of small and frequent amounts of insulin to adapt optimally in children, people with high insulin sensitivity and pregnant women.
  • Compatible with Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM systems.
  • Non-volatile memory and programming even in the absence of batteries for a long time, to ensure that no data is ever deprogrammed or lost.
  • Water resistant to prevent accidental splashing from causing malfunctions.
  • Redundant self-checks of critical functions and static-proof for greater confidence.