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V60 hospital ventilation

Hospital Ventilation and Neonatal CPAP

Invasive and Non-invasive

Taking Invasive and Non-Invasive ventilation further with the confidence to treat a wide range of clinical severities and patients from pediatric to adult. AppIy in ICU and Respiratory Ward.


Trilogy 202 Ventilator 

Trilogy 202
  • Supports both passive and active exhalation breathing circuits
  • Unique ability to compensate for leaks in both pressure and volume control modes
  • Auto-Trak algorithm that improves patient-ventilator synchrony by adjusting to changing breathing patterns
  • 3 hour internal battery and optional 3-hour detachable battery
  • Weighs only 2.5 kg making it very transportable
  • Can be used with both invasive and non-invasive circuits


V60 Non-invasive Ventilator 

V60 Ventilator


  • New hospital modes: AVAPS, PVC, and CPAP with C-flex option
  • Enhanced patient safety- 6 hour battery for better monitoring
  • Advanced NIV and Auto-Trak for patients who need customized titration of triggering and cycling criteria
  • For adult and pediatric use
  • Increased speed and ease of treatment initiation


V680 Ventilator

V680 Ventilator
  • Used for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation, switching is fast and easy
  • For both adults and pediatrics
  • Used for both single and dual-limb circuits
  • Active control exhalation valves
  • Different apnea modes
  • Four-hour integrated battery


ICU CPAP delivery and treatment system

Neonatal CPAP (CPAP Therapy for newborns)

  • Three modes of therapy: CPAP mode, flow mode, and resuscitation mode
  • Regulate and actively monitor the level of pressure delivered
  • Baby-Trak leak compensation technology
  • Baby-Trak software to measure pressure at patient’s nose and adjust to target CPAP level
  • Lightweight patient interface and innovative bonnet design