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Insulin Pump therapy

Devices that seek to reproduce the function of the pancreas

Since the beginning of insulin therapy, attempts have been made to replace the function of the beta cells of the pancreas with an approach that is as close as possible to the healthy situation. Insulin pumps fall under these attempts.

What is an insulin pump?

Insulin pumps are computerized electromechanical devices that house an insulin reservoir or cartridge.

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How does an insulin pump mimic the functioning of a healthy pancreas?

In non-diabetic people, the pancreas continuously produces small amounts of insulin to maintain physiological functions, and after food intake, a larger amount is produced. In diabetic people this function is altered and has to be supplied exogenously.

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Advantages of insulin pump therapy

Insulin pump therapy has unique and important advantages over conventional insulin therapy

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For whom is the insulin pump prescription recommended?

The prescription of an insulin pump is recommended for people with diabetes

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Considerations for insulin pump therapy

Emphasis on training. We believe that along with a person's commitment to managing their diabetes, education and training are critical factors for the success of pump therapy.

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Infusion sets and accessories

Various models of infusion systems are available, allowing the insulin pump user to choose the consumables that best suit their needs.

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TANDEM t:slim X2 Pump

The pump that gets updated, not outdated.

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