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Pillow, Nasal, and Facial Masks

We offer a variety of masks to suit each of our patients' needs and the ultimate comfort level they are seeking.

Pillow Masks

DreamWear Mask

DreamWear Mask
  • Sleep Freely: Top of head connection lets you sleep in any position you want.
  • No Marks: Under-the-nose nasal cushion prevents red marks and reduce nasal discomfort and irritation.
  • Soft Flexible Frame: It provides a soft touch on the patient’s face.


Nuance Pro Silicone Gel Mask

Nuance Silicone Gel Mask
  • More comfort: Ultra lightweight with gel technology in gel pillow and gel padded frame to maximize comfort.
  • Greater Stability: A non-slip headgear holds mask in place throughout the night – useful for supporting user compliance.
  • Easy to use: Simple design is easy to use and fit.


Wisp Silicone Mask

Wisp Silicone Mask
  • Comfortable: Ultra lightweight. Soft and comfortable.
  • Minimal contact: Our patented tip-of-the nose cushion design with auto seal groove technology delivers a minmal contact experience with a superior seal.
  • Small & light: Compact, open field of vision.
  • Simple to use: Quick and easy to adjust for a superior seal and personalized fit with simple headgear clips.


Nasal Masks


Pico – Silicone Nasal Mask

Pico Mask
  • A ‘tip-of-the nose’ cushion design that makes minimal contact with the face
  • Comfort and Seal: A simple to use mask with an excellent seal and offer the freedom to watch television or read while wearing it


EasyLife Mask

Easylife Mask
  • Seal cushion extending over the nasal area to create a seal
  • Easy to fit and use
  • Outer cushion and forehead pad that adjusts automatically creating a very comfortable fit for our patients
  • Headgear that provides a secure and stable fit
  • Available in petite size to fit all patients


 True Blue-Gel Mask

Trueblue Mask
  • Outer silicone membrane to create an effective seal
  • Freeform spring to allow patients to move freely with less disturbances
  • Exhalation micro-port for a queiter sleep
  • Forehead pad for faster fittings
  • Headgear with adjustable straps for faster fittings


ComfortGel Blue- Gel Mask 

ComfortGel Blue
  • Silicone Comfort Flap works as an air cushion, which helps to prevent mask leaks
  • Forehead cushion to reduce pressure points
  • Easily adjusted for a secure custom fit
  • Latex free
  • Lower profile exhalation port to redirect airflow
  • Silicone comfort flap for a better seal




Facial Masks

Amara Facial Mask (silicone or gel)

amara mask
  • Very small and lightweight full face mask
  • Designed to reduce pressure points and provide extra comfort for patients
  • Interchangeable cushion sizes between frames
  • Amara gel: designed for excellent seal and comfort


Amara View Mask 

amara view mask
  • Minimal Contact: Innovative under-the-nose design leaves no red marks on the bridge of nose
  • Suitable for wearing glasses:It provides open field of vision to wear glasses, read and watch TV
  • Freedom of Movement: Quick Disconnect Design allows you to disconnect tubing more easily and let you move around if needed.


ComfortGel Blue Full

ComfortGel Blue Mask
  • Effective seal for extra stability
  • Thin and Lightweight design
  • Forhead pad to relief pressure points and increase comfort
  • Silicone flap to increase comfort
  • Latex free 
  • Easy mask fitting with one-size-fits most headgear and easy adjustment
  • Angled exhaltion port to direct the airway


PerformaTrak Facial Mask

PerformaTrak Mask
  • A full mask can eliminate pressure o­n the nose bridge, avoid mouth breathing which affects the patient compliance.
  • Adjustable forehead bracket helps users select the right fit. 
  • Quick release easily disconnects the hose from the mask for higher mobility.