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The Air Liquide Group

Getting started on Home Oxygen Therapy

Getting started with Home Oxygen Therapy. There have been studies showing how Home Oxygen for COPD helps your body and future.

A VitalAire Healthcare Professional may visit you in the hospital to discuss your home oxygen prescription or your Physician may ask us to assess you at your home to evaluate your clinical state and oxygen levels.

Following the personalized VitalAire assessment, we will deliver the oxygen products to your home. We will make sure that you are comfortable using your oxygen therapy and that your home is safe for oxygen use; we will then demonstrate how to use the oxygen system and explain the expected outcomes and benefits. You will also receive all accessories and supplies as needed.

The major studies have shown better outcomes for those who use home oxygen therapy 24 hours per day when indicated. VitalAire Arabia Professionals will match your lifestyle, environment and clinical needs to the correct type of oxygen system to ensure comfort and therapy effectiveness.

In your Home

The goal of home oxygen treatment is to improve your quality of life by reducing your shortness of breath and enabling you to have a more active lifestyle. Our VitalAire clinical team will offer materials and support allowing you to be more mobile and have more energy throughout the day.

At VitalAire, we will provide:

  • Oxygen systems that best meet your needs
  • VitalAire Clinical Assessment
  • Therapy initiation and education for you and your family
  • Education on system operation, maintenance, safety and expected clinical outcomes
  • Support materials and educational booklets for reference
  • Regular follow up visits* to assess your care plan progress
  • Communication with other members of your healthcare team
  • 24/7 technical assistance

Receiving and using Home Oxygen Therapy is made simple and effective by VitalAire.

Our healthcare staff will provide you with education, clinical assessment, therapy initiation, medication review along with the most current and appropriate products. Our program also includes follow-up and communication with other members of your healthcare team as necessary to ensure successful treatment.