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Our Services and Solutions

Our Services and Solutions

Oxygen Therapy

VitalAire Arabia offers state of the art oxygen therapy solutions to help you breathe easy. We offer a variety of stationary, portable, and transportable concentrators to allow you to go beyond time and location constraints and maintain a normal and active lifestyle. Our team of experts will help you through the journey of adapting to long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) and ensure that you and your family are well educated about the therapy.

You have the option to choose one or several of the programs that we offer for

Stationary Oxygen Concentrators:

OT1 includes the supply of a stationary oxygen concentrators, patient education on safe operation and maintenance of the equipment, and a 2 year standard warranty

OT2 includes OT1 + a patient initiation and follow up program during the first 30 days after the purchase of equipment

OT3 includes OT1, OT2 + a therapy optimization program offering a quarterly home visit and follow up spread over one year

OT4 includes OT1,OT2, and OT3 + a comprehensive therapy management program which offers a backup oxygen cylinder, a backup oxygen concentrator, and oximetry tests

Portable Oxygen Concentrators:

With the proven benefits of portable oxygen therapy, you can continue to maintain your lifestyle by choosing a suitable portable oxygen device.

We offer the following two programs for Portable Oxygen Concentrators:

OT1P includes the supply of a portable oxygen concentrator, its accessories and a 2 year standard warranty

OT2P includes a rental service of a portable oxygen concentrator along with its accessories


*(OT1, OT2, OT3, OT1P, OT2P) offer codes used for official service requests