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Treatment of OSA

Treatment of OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

VitalAire offers the best therapy support and delivery of CPAP treatments as well as other benefits. A range of CPAP devices, masks, accessories and services ensures the best combination for your needs.

Choose your Perfect CPAP Device and Mask Combination

Our expert will help ease your transition and optimise your CPAP therapy outcomes.

VitalAire gives the possibility to try and test the CPAP devices before buying ensuring self-confidence in the correct decision.

More Choice with CPAP Purchases

Correct mask fitting is key to effective CPAP therapy. That is why we offer free mask fitting at any one of our nationwide branches and showrooms.

Contact VitalAire  to inquire about your CPAP

Benefits of Purchasing your CPAP Machine from VitaAire:

  • Free CPAP mask fitting at one of our nationwide branches.
  • Equipment demonstration and education.
  • Try your device before you buy it
  • Ongoing telephonic support.
  • 2 years warranty on devices
  • Nationwide technical service