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Alice NightOne

Sleep Diagnostics

At our patients' own convenience (In-lab or in-home)

We offer the market's most efficient sleep diagnostic systems to help our physicians improve their patients' quality of sleep.

Home Sleep Diagnostics

Alice NightOne

Alice NightOne
  • Smart guide setup that displays illuminated sensor indicators that walks the patient through the placement of each sensor
  • Colored indicators to show patient when good quality signal is detected
  • Includes 3 sensors and a body position sensor
  • Auto-on- the device starts recording as soon as its buckled, no external effort wire-set
  • Bluetooth wireless connection to connect to Philips Respironics PAP devices
  • Integrated Good Study Indicator which allows you to know how much good quality data is collected


Alice PDx (Portable Sleep Diagnostic System)

Alice PDx
  • Portable and easy for patients to set-up and use in the privacy of their own home
  • Color coded labels on the device to indicate where to connect each sensor
  • Step-by-step diagram to help patients with the application process
  • SD card memory and two to three nights battery life
  • Patient can set up a time to start and stop recording automatically
  • Can be interfaced with ECG and ExG sensor interface yokes
  • Integrated Good Study Indicator which allows you to know how much good quality data is collected


In-Lab Sleep Diagnostics

Alice 6 LDE

  • EMG(electromyogrpahy) technology for advanced monitoring
  • Powered by Sleepware G3, with enhanced functionality to help sleep labs meet their needs
  • Can be connected to the Omnilab Advanced + to perform complex titrations
  • Integrated zRip driver which allows a faster setup of the patient by having less connections when hooking it up.
  • Continuous impedance check to give professionals real time feedback on the quality of electrode-skin contact


Titration Device

OmniLab Advanced + (Titration System)

OmniLab Advanced +
  • 9 sleep therapy modes ( two CPAP modes:CPAP and Auto CPAP, six bi-level modes: Auto-Bi level, S, ST, Auto-SV, T, and PC, and the new AVAPS-AE mode)
  • Titrates the most complicated patients with the new feature AVAPS-AE
  • Flexibility to interface with non-Alice systems
  • Customizable reports to include the most important information for you and your patient
  • User-friendly, easy, and efficient
  • Quiet operation for effective titration studies