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Invasive Ventilation (VI)

Invasive Ventilation (IV)

Invasive Ventilation (IV)

Invasive ventilation is artificially carried out through a tracheostomy. The tracheostomy tube is connected to a ventilator pipe system.

Modes of Invasive Ventilation

  • Controlled IV: the respiratory flow rate is irrespective of the patient’s respiratory efforts. The volume and respiratory rate are adjusted according to the patient’s needs
  • Assisted IV: the patient initiates the breath and the ventilator assists each breath based on the rate setting

Advantages of Home Based Ventilation

The Advantages of Home based Ventilation 

  • Reducing the risk of contracting a hospital infection
  • Improved nutrition, adaptable to patient’s needs
  • Less costly
  • Home/family atmosphere which improves the patient’s psychology and attitude towards the illness
  • Increased willingness for rehabilitation