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Our Services and Solutions

Our Services and Solutions

VitalAire Arabia offers invasive (IV) and non-invasive (NIV) ventilation to treat a wide range of patients from pediatrics to adults at home or at the hospital. We offer state of the art home and hospital ventilation devices to provide you with the most successful treatment.

We offer three ventilation programs for you to gain the maximum benefit out of your therapy:

VT1 includes the supply of the ventilation or bipap device and it’s accessories

VT2 includes VT1 + a complete therapy management program offered at both the hospital and at home. At the hospital stage we will help you set up and transition to the titration phase. We will then set you up at home, provide you with safety and operation education, follow up regarding your treatment, and schedule a home visit every 3 months

VT3 includes VT1 and VT2 + offers an excellence program that includes oximetry tests, 24/7 customer service and support, and replacement of device



*(VT1, VT2, VT3) offer codes used for official service requests