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Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

Clinical studies have shown that Long-Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) can improve the patient’s quality of life and survival rates, and reduce depression and hospitalization.

Increased quality of life and survival rates

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Reduced depression

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Reduced hospitalization

Ringbaek TJ, et al. Does long-term oxygen therapy reduce hospitalisaation in hypoxaemic chronic obstructive pulmonary disease? in European Respiratory Journal, 2002; 20:1, 38–42.

VitalAire’s oxygen therapy services can help prolong and improve your patient's quality of life.

Description of our services at home :

  1. During the first visit : -

    * Check the environment installation conditions.
    * Delivery of the oxygen concentrator with its standard accessories at home.
    * Start-up & information about the oxygen , and the utilization of oxygen concentrator.
    * Oxygen concentrator setup with doctor prescription.
    * pulses oximeter records.
    * Documents to give to the patient concerning the COPD diseases, the oxygen therapy treatments & the oxygen concentrator.
    * 6 minutes walk test if prescribed by doctor.
  2. One visit each 3 months : -

    These regular visits are our warranty

    The home care advisor will visit the patients regularly at home in order to monitor their oxygen usage , educate the patient on their condition , gives support to the patient and family during these visits all equipment utilized by the patient will be checked.

    * follow-up of the devices maintenance.
    * follow-up of the oxygen therapy treatment.
    * reporting to the doctors.

  3. Emergency interventions : -

    * vitalaire will provide a 24hr ,7 days week.